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Today I watched Solo A Star Wars Story full movie online free. Solo is great fun in the Star Wars universe! Like Rogue One before it, the movie shows that there are interesting stories to tell outside the Skywalker arc (although Han Solo is tied in fairly tightly to that narrative). As long as you go in knowing that any actor they chose would be merely a stand-in trying to fill the very big shoes of Harrison Ford, there is a lot to love about Alden Emmerich’s portrayal. The movie does justice to Solo, Chewbacca and Lando in terms of origin stories. There is some fan service present, but most of it is very tastefully woven into the narrative and is presented without a lot of “wink and nod” (unlike some scenes from Rogue One).

Solo: A Star Wars Story Full Movie

I’m actually in disbelief at how good it was! As someone who loves The Force Awakens, enjoys Rogue One for what it is and really is not at all a fan of The Last Jedi, I was blown away by how much I enjoyed this movie! I’ve watched Star Wars since I was 3 years old and out of all the Star Wars movies this is my favorite. I don’t know why its getting a lot of hate, but this was a great movie! Star Wars Solo deserves a better rating than a 71 on rotten tomatoes.

This was classic Lawerence Kasdan dialogue with great character moments given to every major character. Side note he also wrote Empire Strikes Back, Raiders of the Lost Ark and a few other small films – catch the sarcasm? Speaking of which, Solo reminded me in many ways of Raiders of the Lost Ark and yes – Alden Ehrenreich was in fact Han Solo. The pacing of this movie was perfect, the score was beautiful, especially the love theme for Qi’Ra — just gorgeous.

Unlike The Last Jedi, this film plays it a little safer with the tone, delivering an adventure with the same fun spirit familiar from A New Hope and The Force Awakens. That said, I’m glad they didn’t play it too safe and allowed this to be a truly “Solo” film rather than something that merely supports the rest of the saga.

Despite fears that a Solo movie could only go terribly, particularly given the director change-ups and the relatively low hype for this movie, the Lucasfilm team has delivered another fun adventure in a Galaxy Far, Far Away. I don’t hesitate to recommend this film to Star Wars fans and general audiences alike!

Okay, I may be on a Star Wars high at the moment! Crazy enough, I actually really hope to see some sort of sequel to this movie which follows Han and Chewbacca. That’s how much I bought Ehrenreich as Han and Chewie as well Chewie. Go check it out – give Solo chance! Oh! Last thing – there is a tie in I did not see coming at all which perfectly sets up another spin-off film featuring an actor who maybe, just might also be in a film about talking bear who loves honey!!

Best Star Wars movie since Rogue one. Action packed until the end, but lots of Potential if they ever decided to make a sequel for this movie.

Loved it! I hated the Last Jedi no matter how much I tried to convince my self it was ok. This movie I came in with low expectations but it actually blew me away. It was really fun, the character development was on point, Alden Ehrenreich was fantastic as Han Solo, and Donald Glover was also terrific. Best new Star Wars film since the original trilogy for me.

Solo: A Star Wars Story – Review (2018)

Alden Ehrenreich as Han Solo had a lot of doubters going in and he definitely proves them wrong by giving a great performance and not doing a Harrison Ford impression, its obvious he’s studied him, but he brings his own natural talents to the screen and it shines. It also develops Han a lot more we see how Han starts trusting no one except Chewie then to Force Awakens he’s apart of a team explaining the Force.

Han and Chewie’s first time meeting is fantastic also Chewbacca is fantastic and gets to shine with not having Luke or Leia in this film so he gets to do more and he’s a badass. Donal Glover as Lando Calrissian is fantastic he basically steals the movie and shows a lot more depth than you would expect. Woody Harrelson’s Beckett I thought was good. Ron Howard’s Solid Direction. The Action Set Pieces are great the best being the Kessel Run. The World Building that isn’t about the Rebellion and Empire fore once or a Death Star, its about Han Solo and Smugglers doing a job to make money basically its simple and fun.

Phoebe Waller-Bridge as L3-37 is great and her banter with Lando is hilarious. After that 1st act, it starts getting going and the fun really starts. Visual Effects are really good Bradford Young’s Cinematography. John Powell’s Musical Score is great, with John Williams’s Han Solo and Star Wars theme. A certain Cameo was really fantastic.

Emilia Clarke as Qi’ra I just didn’t care for her as much maybe its cause we all know Han ends up with Leia. Its pretty predictable. The explanation of how Han got his name was stupid. Overall: While not a perfect Star Wars movie, at least its a fun watch unlike the first 2 prequel Star Wars shit piles.

I’m an avid Star Wars fan dating back to the first Timothy Zahn novel “Heir to the Empire” and have read/watched everything since. On a scale of 1 to 10 rating Star Wars knowledge, i’d Per myself a 9. THAT BEING SAID…I VERY MUCH enjoyed Solo!!! Read all the rumors concerning the lead actor, Disney bracing for a bad box office, blah, blah. This was fun from start to finish, opening had me concerned at first being a bit rushed, would liked to have seen more of Corellia, but it engaged the hyperdrive and never looked back. No issues with the lead actor playing Han aside from needing a bit of a haircut to resemble episode 4 Han. The slightly longer hair on the sides was distracting – otherwise, he pulled a pure sabaac. (Yes, that’s a zero, but the point is he did really well given he was taking over for Harrison Ford).

While I’m sure it was intentional by Disney or the writers, but this movie opens the door for a Star Wars cinematic universe outside the main film line. This can easily Segway into a Kenobi film, which could open the door for Boba Fett and then be tied together in a grande finale for that era of the Star Wars timeline. Bravo, applauding the larger story by the writers bringing Crimson Dawn, the Pyke Syndicate, Aurra Sing, etc into the film, even by mention. Really tied into a larger story with the Clone Wars series linking the original trilogy to the newer franchise entries., again, Bravo! Anyhow, don’t pass this up on account of a few angry fans. This was an excellent installment in the franchise.

Solo was a fun, adventure, star wars movie. I felt Alden’s take on Han was a different, young version as intended. Alden put’s his own spin on the character and always pays homage to the original. Donald Glover plays Lando spot on as and the rest of the characters support the story well. Jonas also does a spectacular job as Chewie. This film is a fun adventure film and it gives us that Star Wars feel. It does lack depth for connections between characters but I believe this film wasn’t suppose to accomplish that. It’s a great add to the series and a fun way to see how some of the characters come about.

This is the best of the Disney Star Wars movies so far. Alden nailed Han Solo’s character, and proved that Han Solo is bigger than Harrison Ford. The supporting cast is strong, and the film as a whole captures the look and feel of A New Hope without feeling like a retread. If you love Star Wars, you owe it to yourself to see this movie. Fans of the OT, prequels, and sequel trilogy will all find something to love here.

Solo: A Star Wars Story is fine. It doesn’t have the audacity to be as unenjoyable or messy as The Last Jedi, but it’s never as good as it wants to be either. There are some good ideas hidden underneath the layers of mediocrity and predictability. It’s oddly paced, competently directed, well acted, and features a pretty good score, but it’s all bogged down by a script that spends no time developing the characters or the central threat and as a result, it all falls a bit flat.

Characters are disposed of left and right, and while the stakes for the characters are high, it never really feels that way for the audience. We already know how the film is gonna end and so there’s not much that can be done to get around that. It’s not the worst Star Wars movie, but it’s nowhere close to being the best. It’s a mostly enjoyable, entirely forgettable film that would’ve been better if it didn’t feature Han Solo at all and featured more character and plot development in his place.

As someone who lost faith in Star Wars after the train wreck that was TLJ, I can honestly say I loved this movie. Ron Howard pulled a bunch of stuff from Legends and does some very good and much needed fan service. It sets up a lot of potential for future movies in this probably trilogy and lays the foundation for some spinoff potential that I think myself and most fans would really want to see. Lando being Pan is not part of this movie it’s just playful banter between characters being spun for a narrative by journalists (had they never asked it would have never come up I mean).

And there’s really only 1 or 2 cringey moments with political messages but they don’t derail the movie into a pointless subplot by any means, they’re more just one off statements that annoy you. The critics are completely out of touch with the heart of Star Wars and I truly believe the audience score is riddled with 1 star reviews by people who didn’t even see the movie and are still bitter about TLJ. I’m still in favor of a regime change over at Lucasfilm but this really is a step in the right direction in my opinion and anyone who’s been a Star Wars fan for decades is doing themselves a serious disservice not seeing this movie. It’s not the movie we wanted but definitely the one we need right now.